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Character sheet No.25: Little Miss Chance by Secret-Sherry34
Character sheet No.25: Little Miss Chance
25th pic celebration! For celebration, I will post my 1st OC profile up here. :D

Full name is Fiona Yip. She uses this to everyone around, and the rest of her name is a private thing, that it's not revealed here.
This is Happy Mirai outfit here, beacuse the normal version seems to be plain.
-The ever creative, wacky and a sort of unsociable normal senior high schoolgirl. Likes drawing, music and dreaming very much.
-Has a great interest on Chemstry, though not good at it though.
-Likes her classmates a lot, and considers them as friends.
-Lives in the Real World. She found a magical e-dictionary on day on the road, and found Dillydale through it.
-There she met Miss Calamity and Miss Daredevil as the first 2 Little Misses seen.
-And after this, she found Miss Singer in her drawings turns into a real person and becomes her most loyal friend.
-Likes to be fashionable.
-Likes Mr. Smart a lot, but it's a great effort to confess about it.
-Quite good at baking.
-Likes cakes and macarons, cycling, and skating.
-Is a bit good at sports.
-Is very good at English (but not for Maths), and is considered as "the God's Pen" of the E-class.
-Tends to be cool a lot. Has another self as NightGoth---which she can transform into with specific powers. She uses this self to beat the hidden evil down.
Character sheet No.24: Flippy by Secret-Sherry34
Character sheet No.24: Flippy
Short name is Flynn, surname undecided yet.
-A typical war fonder, he likes fighting and other kind of battling.
-But still, he is still very friendly until he flips out.
-He likes small animals.
-He flips out when something makes him remind the war he was in a few years ago. There, the war made him lost his best friends.
-Feels guilty easily after breaking the flipped mode, since he feels that he hurt his friends' feelings.
-It looks like it's hard to snap him out of the flipped mode. But for Miss Careful, it's easy.
-Because of the flipped character it is a hard thing for thing for people celebrating anniversaries and festivals.
Human! Miss Loud's other outsit by Secret-Sherry34
Human! Miss Loud's other outsit
Actually, the changes are the length of the jacket sleeves and the belt. Her shorts gets tighter too.
Character sheet No.23: Little Miss Fickle by Secret-Sherry34
Character sheet No.23: Little Miss Fickle
Short name is Fyera.
-The certain girl that can never make her mind up, and had trouble to decide things.
-Gets very easy to lose directions.
-Cannot concentrate on on thing at times.
-Likes to read books.
-Prefers clothing that goes a bit retro.
I HATE it when they ignore my ideas!

*From here, "you" mean my classmates.*

What's with your brains? Just tell me don't cry because you don't care people crying? Don't you jerks know that I cry because no one know my actual feelings at all? And it was simply regarded as MY fault. THAT'S JUST PLAIN WRONG!!
Look, I am your classmate too and I just want to be a normal friend, not a burden or a spare! AND NO ONE EVEN LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TALKS! AS IF I AM NOT IN THE CLASS AT ALL! Now I just want somebody to listen to me and lend your shoulder so that I can lean on it and cry loudly!
I also HATE MYSELF WHEN I CAN'T SAY WHAT I WANT TO SAY. It's just a big problem when it comes to as simple as finding another partner for group work! I just want someone to help me, what's wrong?!
You should thank me for not leaving. And I will NEVER leave because I want to enjoy what I want!

Well, that's all, and after all I am just trying to spit all my major problems out!
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Journal History


Fiona "Fifi" Yip
Artist | Student | Varied
Hong Kong
Hi! My name is Fiona Yip. I am now a secondary school girl, also a member of the Red Cross and the will-be"Queen of Chemistry" :D .

Nickname: Fiona/ Fifi
Height: >160.
Hair color: Brown-black.
Eye color: Brown-black.
Usually wearing a school dress on weekdays because I am now studying at school. Just ended JS (Junior secondary) and is now a SS1 Student. (SS means Senior study, SS1 means Secondary 4, etc)
15 years old right now!

By now I am focusing on these fan art. Mainly:
Mr. Men and Little Miss (either classical or new version will do) ,
Happy Tree Friends,
Pokemon (Anime and Special), and
Inazuma Eleven Go.

I also like to watch anime such as:
Assassination Classroom,
Pretty Cure (after the 2nd series),
Pretty Rhythm & PriPara,
Battle Spirits (All but the 2nd & 3rd series),
Future Card Buddyfight,
...and so on and on.

Requests are always open(except every January and former, mid-June because they are the time for me to have exams) However I am quite busy, that the art might be delaying.
I am putting comments just where I think it is worth to put it, so DO NOT blame me for this!

I like pretty things.
Pink is my favorite color, but for double-color combine is black-and-white.
I like Four-leaf clovers!
My favorite numbers are 37, 38 and 40.
I like every food that are sour/salty. Sweet stuff make my teeth hurt ( Except donuts with chocolate topping) duh! :D
I do crack pairings that not everyone of you can except, especially pairings among MMaLM and HTF. That's because I am Fiona Yip of course!
(It should be spoke in Japanese for better way, I think)

I hate ugly drawings. Maybe I am gonna complain those deviants about this.
I hate bad parodies. They make me sick.
I am also aggressive as well, and I HATE bad and ruthless people!!
Because this is my place for my art, I am calling this as MY world. I do NOT allow anybody bashing everything here (e.g. Saying my MMaLMxHTF pairings do not fit, HTF doesn't fit w/ MMaLM, etc.). But I won't do anything malicious to you as well! Please do something good to my world, and respect everything here!
Here are the types people I forbid them to come in:
1. People who like swearing.
2. People who love to criticize and leave extra bad comment to me.
3. People who don't respect my style of art at all.

I draw EVERYING but
Animes that I don't know
TOO MUCH gore or sexual themes (alittle blood and R-15 pics will do though)
AND YURI. (Okay I 'd admit I like few yaoi pairings eheheheh... :giggle: )

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Secret-Sherry34 has started a donation pool!
5 / 2,500
Well I need some points to get the Premium Membership and buy more tools to the Muro. I will be glad if you can donate some!
Here's the cost.
A sketch drew by pencil costs 10 points.
A lineart pic costs 20 points.
A black-and-white pic costs 25 points.
A colored pic drew by color pencils costs 30 points.
A digital lineart cost 40 pounts.
And a colored digital pic costs 50 points.

If you want to take one of them, just send a note to me and I'll do it/them for you.

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