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Object vector 2: What is a Soul Crystal? by Secret-Sherry34
Object vector 2: What is a Soul Crystal?
I didn't do such vector for years, and I keeping forget to load this picture to here. Finally! Here is my idea of how are the souls and spirits are kept. They are called "Soul Crystals".

A such crystal is hidden in everyone's heart. It does not show publicly, but it does when the person is on the edge of dying. And when the person dies, he/she turns into a Soul Crystal. Which can be retrieved under special spells (Soulkeeper knows some kind of these spells.) or just bury them in the graveyard. (So under the soil are not dead bodies but non-luminous crystals)

The Soul Crystals come in different colors. And they even have special decoration if the owning person has a extremely special characteristics. 

There are also crystals as hard as diamonds. That is because the owner have special powers (e.g. psychic powers), and to represent the power, A special layer is formed on the outer surface of the crystal.

They are kept in Soulkeeper's special book of Spirits. And the crystals she recorded will returned to the book when the person turns into a Soul Crystals.

There are exceptions too. There are also some crystals with dangerous powers sealed in a special way in hidden places. And they are hard to break the seal around them.

So that's all for the description of Soul Crystals. Duh! :D
Art trade: Mr. Normal and Miss Calamity by Secret-Sherry34
Art trade: Mr. Normal and Miss Calamity
An art trade with :iconpercyfan94: . I drew Miss Calamity in my version, and ahem... size problems. :/
Ask Rockie: Question 1 by Secret-Sherry34
Ask Rockie: Question 1
So Rockie is a psychic, ya know, and she travels to worlds too! And in Dillydale, she met "Somebody" that impressed her a lot! She felt not bad about the city.
Chance's alter self by Secret-Sherry34
Chance's alter self
And here is the long time no draw's Nightgoth, in Little Miss form.
Just replacing the last journal as my birthsay has gone for a very long time.
The 1st Test week has gone, and basically they are performing well---expect Chemistry (Almost pass) and somehow, Liberal Studies. (Mainly because having not enough time to do the paper, but I still passed) And my English test was being the 1st in class, lucky me---I hadn't expect that! omfg 
Maybe I have told you that I failed to be the new prefect of this year. And on the day when the confirm day came, I cried about it, and so was the 2nd day. I just didn't know what to do, as there are too many classmates of mine successfully became prefects! Goddamit! Crying Waaaah! (The classmates said I can be one next year, but I don't think so)
I now having a spare day of no school! I am going to the Central Library to find some books...before it's 1 hour before the time for my tutoring class. And I am consider to load some pictures in these 3 days, as I still need to do my homework. 

P.S.: I don't really think there will be the 3rd season of the Mr. Men Show. I think there maybe another anime series involved with the Mr. Men & Little Misses, because now Sanrio controls it, isn't it? And maybe human characters may be involved! :D
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Journal History


Fiona "Fifi" Yip
Artist | Student | Varied
Hong Kong
Hi! My name is Fiona Yip. I am now a secondary school girl, also a member of the Red Cross and the will-be"Queen of Chemistry" :D .

Nickname: Fiona/ Fifi
Height: >160.
Hair color: Brown-black.
Eye color: Brown-black.
Usually wearing a school dress on weekdays because I am now studying at school. Just ended JS (Junior secondary) and is now a SS1 Student. (SS means Senior study, SS1 means Secondary 4, etc)
15 years old right now!

By now I am focusing on these fan art. Mainly:
Mr. Men and Little Miss (either classical or new version will do) ,
Happy Tree Friends,
Pokemon (Anime and Special), and
Inazuma Eleven Go.
(the first 2 series have many humanization drawings as well! :D)
Requests are always open(except every January and former, mid-June because they are the time for me to have exams) However I am quite busy, that the art might be delaying.
I am putting comments just where I think it is worth to put it, so DO NOT blame me for this!

I like pretty things.
Pink is my favorite color, but for double-color combine is black-and-white.
I like Four-leaf clovers!
My favorite numbers are 37, 38 and 40.
I like every food that are sour/salty. Sweet stuff make my teeth hurt ( Except donuts with chocolate topping) duh! :D
I do crack pairings that not everyone of you can except, especially pairings among MMaLM and HTF. That's because I am Fiona Yip of course!
(It should be spoke in Japanese for better way, I think)

I hate ugly drawings. Maybe I am gonna complain those deviants about this.
I hate bad parodies. They make me sick.
I am also aggressive as well, and I HATE bad and ruthless people!!
Because this is my place for my art, I am calling this as MY world. I do NOT allow anybody bashing everything here (e.g. Saying my MMaLMxHTF pairings do not fit, HTF doesn't fit w/ MMaLM, etc.). But I won't do anything malicious to you as well! Please do something good to my world, and respect everything here!
Here are the types people I forbid them to come in:
1. People who like swearing.
2. People who love to criticize and leave extra bad comment to me.
3. People who don't respect my style of art at all.

I draw EVERYING but
Animes that I don't know
TOO MUCH gore or sexual themes (alittle blood and R-15 pics will do though)
AND YURI. (Okay I 'd admit I like few yaoi pairings eheheheh... :giggle: )

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Here's the cost.
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A lineart pic costs 20 points.
A black-and-white pic costs 25 points.
A colored pic drew by color pencils costs 30 points.
A digital lineart cost 40 pounts.
And a colored digital pic costs 50 points.

If you want to take one of them, just send a note to me and I'll do it/them for you.

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